Picture of How to Upload Videos to YouTube using iMovie
These instructions are designed to teach you how to upload high quality videos from iMovie HD 7 to YouTube. Go to this link for complete video instructions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoDsUeqk2bc

Step 1: Prerequisites

• You have transferred the video files from your camera to the computer

• You have created a YouTube account

• iMovie HD 7 is installed on your Mac OSX 10.6 computer
DanielH68 months ago

how to do it on a pc.

GrimSweeper3 years ago
Having the pre-requisites as a separate step was somewhat odd; it would be better if they were included in something that is not a step. The steps are clear, but can be confusing for those with no knowledge beforehand of the programs. I feel Step Five could be split up for added clarity as well. Finally, Step 3's subtitle is either unnecessary, or should be the title of Step 3 itself, otherwise it breaks up the flow a bit. On the nitpicky side of things, in the images for Step 5, one picture seems to have been put in twice. Otherwise, the instructions are well-put and helpful.
This is a good tutorial for uploading iMovie to YouTube. Just to nitpick, in addition to what others have commented upon regarding wordiness and a few select problems (which you have corrected), it might be helpful to separate some of the sub-step instructions in order to space out the information. It seems a little congested at times. Specifically, I am referring to the somewhat long Steps 5 and 6. Otherwise, great job!

Ashton Brown
ENGL313, Fall 2011
the instructions were good enough for me to able to do on my own, but I can see how a person, that does not have any background with this stuff, might have a tough time.
I thought that overall your instructions were very helpful. I have to agree with some of the additional comments, Step 1: "Assumptions" is a bit confusing but is only a minor adjustment. "Pre-Requisites" would work better here or "Prior to Starting." Otherwise, the pictures are very helpful. They clearly direct first-time users in the right direction. Overall, great job. - Ryan Antisdale
EngUA3133 years ago
This was a good tutorial, I feel like the images did help. I think the only problem might be that I feel like you may have to have some background knowledge, not made for beginners really but overall, good job! -Maryam N.
cjmueller3 years ago
Overall, it is a pretty good tutorial. I agree with the other comments about the "assumptions" section. Also, I would consider including comments for your images. It is fairly easy to do through instructables.
scheinma3 years ago
Great instructions. A little wordy and remember that users have to backtrack some.
dbezies3 years ago
Your instructions were helpful overall. But i agree with the other comment, change the first step "Assumptions" to something else, maybe "Before you start" or "Pre-requisites". otherwise very well done.
KH23233 years ago
Pretty helpful. Step 1 "Assumptions" is weird. Maybe "Pre-Requisites"?