How to Upload an Mp3 to YouTube





Introduction: How to Upload an Mp3 to YouTube

Without wasting time with Windows movie maker, you can use Audioship to upload an mp3 to Youtube in just minutes for free.

Step 1: Go to

Open your browser and visit

Step 2: Choose Your Mp3 File

Click on "Choose your audio to get started" and select the mp3 file you want to upload

Step 3: Authenticate Using Google or Facebook

Sign in to Audioship using Google or Facebook

Step 4: Ensure Your Mp3 Is Being Uploaded

Look at the progress bar to see that your mp3 is being uploaded to Audioshop

Step 5: Select Where You Want to Upload Your Song

Select YouTube and click on Allow on the permissions popup.

Step 6: Pick an Image for Your Video

You can choose one of the available images or upload your own.

Step 7: Click on "Post to Youtube"

Click on the button and wait for the video with your mp3 to be uploaded. Depending on the size of the mp3 this might take some time.

Step 8: Visit Your Video on Youtube

Click on the "Go to video" button to watch your video on Youtube. Allow for some time for the video to be processed by Youtube.



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awesome...very well put.

That looks like a very user friendly setup :)