Picture of How to Use An Image as Wallpaper on Your Xbox 360
You might get bored of the default background on your Xbox 360, or the other included themes, so you might want to use your own background. In this Instructable I will tell you how to use an image as wallpaper on your Xbox 360.

You will need:
  • Computer
  • Xbox 360
  • Image to use as your background
  • USB thumb drive or CD. I recommend a thumb drive, they're easier to use and using a write-once CD just for a background is dumb.

Step 1: Get an image

You'll need an image to use. I've tested which image formats work on the Xbox 360, and it can only view JPEGs. That sucks ass.

You change the format by using an image converter, or by opening it up in an image editing program and saving it as a different format. Don't use Paint if you don't have to, it applies some nasty compression to images, which makes them look like s***.

As for resolution, if the Xbox and your TV display it right, you should only need an image with a resolution of 640 by 480 pixels if you're not using a HD display. If you're using a full resolution HDTV (the biggest NTSC standard), you should need an image with a resolution of 1920 by 1280. If your image isn't the same resolution as the TV, don't worry. Your Xbox will scale the image to fit your TV. But an image that's the right size will look much better. Don't be a dumbass and use a tiny 100x100 image.

its easier with horizon you can choose whatever color you want at the bottom

I have a big silver thing blocking the bottom of my image. How do I rectify that???
Aeshir (author)  TerminalDragon4 years ago
You can't.

I know.
Actually you can, but sadly it requires modding with (if I remember properly) the program Moddio and maybe some other Xbox Modding programs as well. In the program it simply allows you to select the color you want it to be (black, white, grey, etc.), however I'm not 100% sure this method still works with the recent dashboard update.
Damn :/ oh well
Can you use this with the update that changes the entire format?
Aeshir (author)  xboxmisfit945 years ago
Yes. But the big silver globe blocks out the bottom half. Redo your wallpaper accordingly.
dariuse125 years ago
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EnigmaMax6 years ago
they made another banjo&kazooie?
Aeshir (author)  Gamer9175 years ago
spider876 years ago
Thank you! This is awesome! Flash drive makes it so easy!
To look up pic on Google images search "search term imagesize:640x480" ( no quotes) Replace "search term" with whatever you want
dijon6 years ago
thank you for posting this, i love my 360 however i am not willing to pay additional money for a background when i could get it for free(assuming you have access to a computer) i found another way to set background: from the media category i pulled it off my computer connected to the network.
idkfa987 dijon6 years ago
Hmm, that's actually quite interesting. what's the name of the windows software used to do that?
liusaaaa16 years ago
i like banjo kazooie
PSPerson6 years ago
The original Banjo-Kazooie was awesome! banjo-tooie was really good too... i miss those games