Step 2: Set the image as your Xbox 360 wallpaper.

Picture of Set the image as your Xbox 360 wallpaper.
2 select image.jpg
3 confirm.jpg
4 dashboard.jpg
So put the image on your thumb drive or rewritable CD, and put it in your Xbox 360. Go to the Media blade on the dashboard, go to Pictures, and navigate to the image. If you have more than one storage device other than your Xbox HDD or memory card in your Xbox, you may have to go to the right one by pressing X and selecting it. Once you're in the right storage device, highlight (but don't press A) on the picture you want to use, and press Y. Select Yes, or whatever the confirmation option is, and hooray! You've got a custom wallpaper on your Xbox 360 vidyo gamz consul! Do you feel special?

Here is the image I am using on my PC and Xbox at the time of writing this, and here is the post with details, by me.
Can you use this with the update that changes the entire format?
spider876 years ago
Thank you! This is awesome! Flash drive makes it so easy!
dijon6 years ago
thank you for posting this, i love my 360 however i am not willing to pay additional money for a background when i could get it for free(assuming you have access to a computer) i found another way to set background: from the media category i pulled it off my computer connected to the network.
idkfa987 dijon6 years ago
Hmm, that's actually quite interesting. what's the name of the windows software used to do that?
liusaaaa16 years ago
i like banjo kazooie