Introduction: How to Use Arduino in Matlab and Simulink

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This is very basic tutorial in this iam going to show

how to install arduino basic functions in matlab using simulink

this is very good for those who have not rich knowledge about writing code

the tutorial is well explained with the help of step by step pictures but


Step 1: STEP 1

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First click on add on button then click on get hardware support packages

Step 2: STEP 2

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Click on install from internet

Step 3: STEP 3

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click on Arduino UNO / NANO / Mega 2560 in the list of packages

Step 4: STEP 4

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You must login to download the packages so

register with matlab it will take only 2 minutes..

Step 5: STEP 5

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Now downloading will starts

after that click on finished...

thats it

Step 6: STEP 6

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after installing the packages you will see the option in the simulink library with the name ( simulink support packages for arduino )

just click on it and enjoy

for further details check my video if any confusion thanks......


trebolman (author)2017-12-07

Thank you! It's very useful!

Regards from Perú!

_Boltz_ (author)2016-10-09

and brother, any way to learn matlab ? and can i decode raw analog camera data into pictures using matlab ?

afzalrehmani (author)_Boltz_2016-10-11

yes there a tons of tutorial to learn matlab

just pick one of them ...

for camera data processing this link maybe helpful for you

snoop911 (author)2016-10-09

Is there way to use the board support packages with the $150 'home edition' version of Matlab?

According to the Mathworks site, it seems like you can't purchase the Embedded Coder or Simulink Add-on with the Home license:

There's also a Beagle Bone Black that I'd like to try, but that also needs the bsp download

afzalrehmani (author)snoop9112016-10-11

yes surely you can use board support packages too...

_Boltz_ (author)2016-10-09

give that buddy a golden cookie

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