How to Use Flexiguage to Measure Bearing Clearances.




Introduction: How to Use Flexiguage to Measure Bearing Clearances.

Have you ever wondered how to measure a clearance of a bearing if you cannot get a set of feeler gauges into the space? Well you use a one use only Flexi Gauge.

Step 1: My Instruction Clip on How to Use Flexi Gauge

In this clip I show how to use Flexi Gauge.

It is a soft wax or plastic strand you lay across the surface of the bearing. After tightening the bearing to the correct tension you remove the bearing once more and the Flexi Gauge has now been squashed and is much wider than before. You now use the wrapper of the Flexi Gauge and compare the width of the squashed Flexi Gauge to the markings on the wrapper. The width will tell you the clearance of the bearing.

It's quite simple really but very effective.

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