Picture of How to Use Instructables at School

Over the years, Instructables has grown and evolved to a site that is both an invaluable resource and a powerful tool for teachers of many practical subjects.

This Instructable is mainly aimed at teachers of all kinds, but students can read it as well, then pass on ideas to their teachers...

All pictures are sourced from either the site itself, or Wikipedia Commons, or created by me, unless otherwise stated.
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Step 1: Sign up!

Picture of Sign up!
Firstly, no matter how you are going to use the site, sign up.

If you use your school email account to drop a line to teachers[at]instructables[dot]com, and let them know that you are actually a teacher, you will be rewarded with a free Pro account.

That will give you access to PDF files (potentially very useful in class) and all-steps display of projects (also useful if showing projects on-screen in class).

Step 2: Resources

Picture of Resources

Most teachers new to the site use it first as a resource - either as inspiration for other projects, or for specific instructions to follow.

As well as searching individual projects, there are a growing number of Guides on the site, which collect together the best projects on a particular theme, or projects which go well together, such as the Guide to Kitchen Chemistry or Pre-school Projects.

As a pro member, teachers can access and print off PDF files of projects they like, or they can look at projects in the "all steps" format.  This means you can open up an Instructable on-screen in your class (on your interactive whiteboard or projected screen), and scroll through the whole project without having to wait for each step to load up.

It is also useful to copy images into a PowerPoint slideshow, add brief annotations and leave the slideshow cycling non-stop on your screen, to remind you pupils of the main instructions of their task.

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yapoyo2 years ago
i thought it would tell you how to use instructables without your teacher knowing
Kiteman (author)  yapoyo2 years ago
You *want* your teacher to know!

Show them the site, demonstrate its awesomeness, show them how safe it is, and persuade them to use it in school, then you don't have to sneak onto the site.
u talking about instructables? i go to highschool and they don't block it.
same, i thought that there were gonna be some prank type things and such.
Speaking of website filters, why do websites pertaining to pi get blocked at my school? Must have been those sneaky ads floating around. At least Instructables isn't blocked at my school anyway. The only real con is that the only place with wi-fi or any sort of internet access would be the library. That's one of the main reasons our teachers use wireless USB modems on-site, slide-shows or PDF documents (as mentioned). Downside is, not a lot of people know instructables, let alone being a member (again, in my school). Speaking of the Instructables dead-zone at my school, what if that school has no modern presentation media (i.e. projectors, mobile computer units etc.)? It should be something worth brainstorming on your pastime.
some parts are blocked like nsw det laptop hacks, why?

<h8>meant to be sarcastic</h8>
Kiteman (author)  nutsandbolts_644 years ago
You have wi-fi, but no projectors?

That's an odd set of priorities for your school. I know you're in the Philippines, but that's still an odd priority.

No, you got it the other way; we do have projectors. What I meant was in the case that there were no projectors on-site at the school.
2hot2hack3 years ago
im useing my schoo laptop now on this program
mine is year 10 now
"you must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with.....A HERRING"
HMice3 years ago
Wait a sec, let me get this straight; if you SAY you're a teacher you get a free pro account? That's weird, and hardly fair to those who are teacher s and didn't know (I'm not though).
Kiteman (author)  HMice3 years ago
You have to email from your academic account, or provide some other evidence of your status
HMice Kiteman3 years ago
OK, cool
MrC3 years ago
I’m looking for a Mister “Bogar,” who generated a hilarious rubric for submission to Instructables that I found on the web. In Maine, perhaps?
Seems to be based on How to Make a Great Instructable

My 8th graders will have the option of building a prop for the potential movie version of the memoir we just finished reading and submit their process to Instructables (others will write persuasive letters to film production companies). I was wondering if this Mr. Bogar has been doing this long, and at what grade levels.

Any teachers out there already on this?
the boy in blue is from my old school!!!
Kiteman (author)  kaylaangelkisses3 years ago

That's a coincidence - I grabbed the image off the web.
hchapman23 years ago
What about homeschoolers?
anaibaf3 years ago
hi i am in third year engineering electronics and it seems I'm in charge of a new student group projects where I teach and I would like to have a premium account to download the pdf and use to teach them. my name is fabian gallardo and I'm from chile I have 21 years there any mail where I can contact?.
thank you very much I love the page.
my mail is
Kiteman (author)  anaibaf3 years ago
Contact details are in step 1.
d2j53 years ago
thank god this isnt blocked at my school. they really over blocked stuff, even things relating to schoolwork are blocked giving the teachers a hard time lol
Kiteman (author)  d2j53 years ago
Your profile says you're 17, so I guess you aren't a teacher.

If you show them this Instructable, and a bit of the site, they might start to use it themselves, and they could have their own pro account for free.
dsman1952764 years ago
Good job Kiteman, nice Instructable, I'll have to tell some of my teachers at school to look this up.

I did notice one thing though that seemed a bit off though. The 'filter-friendly' part isn't exactly true. At least for my school, connections to websites like YouTube are completely cut. IE. Embedded videos on Ible's won't play if a filter is in place that restricts access to a site like YouTube.

I think that this is notable because it might give some people the wrong idea. I'd be willing to bet that this varies a lot from filter to filter.

(removed by author or community request)
My school also blocked it, though it was for "Adult Content"... Still haven't seen any.
I have that same block at my school.
That's just weird... Terrorist/militia/extremist? Must have been the load of instructables that involve pyrotechnics and ballistics.
mg0930mg4 years ago
Instructables is blocked at my school for having the forums... It depresses me.
Kiteman (author)  mg0930mg4 years ago
Point out to your teacher or network manager that the forums have a powerful "be nice" policy that is actively monitored 24/7.

If you want to PM me your school's email address and the name of your network manager, I will happily drop them a persuasive note.

I think some schools block forums because they don't consider them productive and not reliable sources for research projects.
Kiteman (author)  DJ Radio4 years ago
There is some paranoia about "grooming" as well.
I have a feeling someone did this. Maybe a teacher, because the website is mysteriously unblocked. I am now happy.
Kiteman (author)  mg0930mg4 years ago
That could mean that one of your teachers is a member...

Try leaving a picture of Robot in your books until somebody mentions it.

bertus52x114 years ago
I'll pass it on to the school of my kids!
BTW, what's this offshore rig doing in this I'ble?
Kiteman (author)  bertus52x114 years ago
That's supposed to represent "resources", and drilling down into the site.
TOCO4 years ago
My school blocked the website a few years ago. I think that it was because there was an illegal section. But now the site is so much nicer and helpful.
JAGGIE TOCO4 years ago
Hmmm my school district blocked the lyrics to "Ave Maria" that I was trying to use in class so we didn't do it. Now, teacher computers can get more than student computers. That helps some. I CAN get Instructables and have used some projects on instruments and how to make snowflakes.
TOCO JAGGIE4 years ago
Teachers have the same things blocked as students in my school district but they have more privlages such as desktop background and right clicking things.
Kiteman (author)  TOCO4 years ago
So tell them that - get the block lifted.
TOCO Kiteman4 years ago
It is a lot more work than it seems. It is blocked all over the school district. I would probably need to find another school that doesnt have it blocked. I would have to go all the way up through a big chain of people. But our school is setting up a new wireless network. I wonder if sites will be blocked on that. It is provided by big name cell phone companies like att and verizon. It isnt wifi so they said that they are giving us a device or something to connect devices like ipads and laptops.
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