How to Use Pendrive As RAM





Introduction: How to Use Pendrive As RAM

This video is about using pendrive as RAM

RAM means random access memory, the main memory of our device which execute each and every process performed. More our device has ram more the speed of run time. That means Ram is the only memory which took load of all the processes occur. Just like we run any application, music file, game all these things are run in temporary memory. If we run number of tasks at same time then you may face not responding problem. Because RAM, Paging and Cache memory is lesser that your current apps requirements. In that condition you need to increase your system ram. Its not possible for everyone to upgrade high grade ram. So the only best possible way for them is to use pendrive as ram. STEPS 1.Firstly insert your “Pen Drive” 2Now right click on your pendrive. 3.Open “Properties” 4.Then “ReadyBoost” tab. 5.Then switch to “Use this device” and reduce your current memory space. If your current device place is 3700MB then reduce it with approx 200-300MB. 6.Then click on Apply button and all Done. 7.To change back your pendrive to normal. Then switch it back Don’t use device in Readyboost tab. Follow me on twitter- Ask anything on facebook-



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    In what sense? Please Elaborate

    This does NOT make the Flash drive RAM!


    This is a ReadyBoost usage article, NOT RAM!!!!!

    2 replies

    Windows 7 supports Windows ReadyBoost. This feature uses external USB flash drives as a hard disk cache to improve disk read perfor¬mance. Supported external storage types include USB thumb drives, SD cards, and CF cards.(First read this articles posted in MIcrosoft's Magazine then we will further have a word)

    Ready boost is a feature which makes your usb device works as RAM