Introduction: How to Use Relay Module With Arduino

Hello dear friends;

In this project i have tried to explain how to use Relay module with arduino. This module very usefull and IMPORTANT for us.Because,it is very common component for home automation.You can use with 220V just from your electricty socket.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you going to use with city electricty(220V OR something like dangerous) take your own precautions.DO NOT TRY TO ATTEMPT USE IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE 220V(or something like dangerous).Otherwise it may cause DEATH!!!!!

However,i have used 9V 850mA adapter and SIMPLE LED.My purpose in this video and article is how can we use relay module with arduino. After this article u will be learned how it works and understood basic working ideas of relay module.

Relay module means it is OFF or ON State.When its ON ,current will pass through the relay and system will work.When its OFF, current will not pass through the relay and system will not work.

Also i have used 1 simple button in order to show you guys how to controll LED with RELAY .

Required materials:

x1 Arduino UNO

x1 Relay module(Just like in the video it is very cheap and common )

x1 Breadboard

x1 LED.

x1 9v (500-1000 mA ) adapter.

x1 button

Enough JUMPER.

All the codes(arduino) and circuit diagram (fritzing) has been uploaded here and on github(some kind of Turkish letters if you use github link):

If any question or suggestion, here or on YouTube channel please... Good Luck,Have Fun!

Sorry for my English if i made mistakes :/


Col68 (author)2017-10-12

Thank you. Tesekkurler hocam, sagol var ol.

arduinohocam (author)Col682017-10-15

Your welcome, Rica ederim :)

Col68 (author)arduinohocam2017-10-18

Hello Arduino Hocam, thank you for sharing, I am a beginner and I have a project similar to your share, I want to add a dht22 sensor, a relay and screen shield 1602.

Selamlar Hocam, öncelikle paylaşım için teşekkürler, ben fransada yaşayan bir kardeşinim, evde fransız ve vatanımızın peynirlerini yapıyorum, buzdolabının nem ve derece ayarını çözmek için çıktım yola, kendimi Arduino dünyasında buldum, tabii hiç yetenek yok, paylaşımlar sayesinde öğrenmeye çalışıyorum, amacım (kendi çapımda) mega proje olan Nem ve Derece ayarlama cihazı. Bunun için baya alışveriş yaptım tabii forumlardan aldığım bilgilerle. Bu Mega proje için, Shield 1602 5 butonlu (derece ve nem ayarı için), röle modülü çift kanal (İn1 Derece/ İn2 Nem için), Dht22 (derece ve nem sesör) ve tabii bir ton malzeme, hepsi modül olarak aldım, bluethoot, ethernet, Resepteur 433mhz, Wireless... Sayın hocam seni rahatsız etmek istemem, sadece bir kaç ipucu, bilgi versen, çok sevinirim, Rabbimiz senden razı olsun kardeşim.

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