Introduction: How to Use Sugru to Make ARO Rubber Wall

Follow those steps to make ARO rubber wall from Sugru

Step 1: The Stuff You Need

See image

Step 2: Apply the Release Agent

    We can use dish soap

    Apply a large amount of dish soap on the mold base

    Apply the dish soap only at the channel area

    Step 3: Add Rubber Wall Stiffener to the Mold

    Make sure the stiffener bonding surface is dry

    Step 4: Apply Sugru to the Mold Base

    Try to push Sugru into the channel

    Use paper towel to dry the Sugru bonding surface only
    Do not wipe away the dish soap on the mold base

    Step 5: Compression Mold Part 1 and Base

    Compress the Sugru with both mold pieces

    Use your thumb and index finger to push Sugru into the mold
    Make sure the stiffener is flushed to the surface

    Use craft knife to cut away extra Sugru

    Step 6: Remove Mold Base and Clean Up

    Remove mold base

    Use craft knife to cut away extra Sugru

    Step 7: Remove Molded Piece From the Mold

    Remove molded piece with stiffener attached from the mold

    Let it sit for 24 hours

    Step 8: Post Mold Cure Process

    Use craft knife to cut away extra Sugru

    Remove extra part of stiffener base

    File the stiffener surface

    Step 9: Finish



    Jimichan (author)2016-05-01

    What is this?

    meekation (author)2016-04-29

    What is ARO? What is this rubber wall for?

    wold630 (author)2016-04-29

    Sugru is the best! You should enter this in the First Time Authors Contest!

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