Picture of How to Use Windows 7!
Well, this is a continuation on my instructable on Windows 7. Now That you have Windows 7, let's test it!
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Step 1: Well, what did you notice?

First of all, they rewrote parts of the boot menu to make it look aesthetically pleasing. Now its 4 balls of light that come together to form the Windows logo. Nice, right?

Step 2: Start menu...rewritten?

Picture of Start menu...rewritten?
Nope. Not as much as we can hope for... The start botton looks cool when you hover over it, but there is no technical advantage. Also, when you search for files, the menu expands into a rectangle-like shape. That's useful when you need to search for files with long names, but has good, aesthetic look to it. They didnt redo the shutdown, sleep, lock, and Hibernate buttons as much as i had hoped for. Oh well. Also, when you click all programs, it fades out and in comes the programs. I'd give microsoft a 7 out of 10 for pleasantness while browsing and such, but most of it is just graphics hogging. It's good i have 2 nvidia geforce 9800's with an SLI cable. You can also move the taskbar to the top or the sides! just right click, click properties, and change "Taskbar location on screen."

Step 3: Well, see anything yet?

Picture of Well, see anything yet?
You might have noticed a certain application on you desktop: Send Feedback. It is also located conveniently near the top right corner on all screens, because microsoft wants your data. Well, so far, there is no script to undo this, but ill be on it's tails.

Step 4: Well, the taskbar..its...changed.

Picture of Well, the taskbar..its...changed.
They tried hard, and its finally getting easier for me to go around the pc with the new, big icons. You can right click on certain types of windows, and it will give you options. If you have different windows of the same application open at the same time, it will push them together. also, there is a bar at the wayyyyy right end of the bar. This allows you to show the background quickly, in case your boss is coming in the next second.
CaroleC1 month ago

guys can click this link to use windows 7:


AnlitW1 month ago

I want to shared a link to you,click here about windows 7:


JenniferW52 months ago
AlinaqiS7 months ago
naganego4 years ago
thank you so much
bobby5615 years ago
I did not have send feedback button :(
harsh9715 years ago
full windos how to use
Davidl36 years ago
how can i get windows 7 after they stopped letting you download it from microsoft?
songkipark (author)  Davidl36 years ago
thats a bugger. Well, the release candidate will be put on their website, but its only about a month till they release it, so you can wait. Look in to my other articles about getting them off of piratebay or h33t.com. Their both illegal, but who cares? Thanks, SP
jpmorgans6 years ago
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I would personally hold back from getting windows 7, it seems to take microsoft a good year or two after launching ther op systems, to iron out most of the bugs and flaws. Wait for a while, and then maybe you will save yourself much stress
You kidding. I just got windows 7 and it is totally awsome. There are no problems I have found yet
songkipark (author)  ibuildcoolstuff6 years ago
well, they are releasing rc's already, in builds 7068 and 7077. so, we can expect to see the 7 editions coming out by about may, or april.
songkipark (author)  songkipark6 years ago
and, the builds are also posted on piratebay and whatnot, so u can go try them out; still, i suggest you wait for a final rc to get on piratebay before you download it.
I agree. Eventhough it performs well, it will probobly be better in the beta, it will probobly be a ton better in the reatail version. Also, just so you know, the piratebay is sort of illegal.
songkipark (author)  ibuildcoolstuff6 years ago
Yeah, it is. RIAA is after their butts... Still, there are a lot of legit things on there, like art and...just art... lolXD
True enough, that windows7 is gonna have some growing pains....
But I think we'll find that it's more along the lines of win3.1/98/XP's growing pains as opposed to win95/me/vista growing pains.

Remember folks, this is M$ BETA!!! That translates to "early closed beta", "alpha" or possibly even "pre-alpha" to the rest of the world(though from playing with it, I classify Windows7 squarely in the "early beta" stages). Windows7 SP1 will probably qualify as "Release candidate" status to the realy world (aka "OMFG this R0ck5" in the MS world).

Beta 7 is already more robust, and stable, than pre-sp1 vista... on the exact same hardware! We'll have to re-evaluate once this puppy goes live, as to wether to reccomend it right away(or wait a year as you suggest. Waiting till the first service pack from M$ before abandoning your old os is always a good idea.) Till then, Win7 will find a home on my "non-critical" box, multibooting with all the other OS's that I run, while XP and Linux continue to be my every-day OS's.
songkipark (author)  ironsmiter6 years ago
Yup. Well just have to wait and see. As time consumes all but nw technology, microsoft will probably extend the beta time. and i can still run Windows Vista on a virtual machine. There is also a servise pack 2 for vista, and you can also experiment with that.
songkipark (author) 6 years ago
ok. What it? i was looking inside hkey_local machine for awhile, but i cant find the send feed back registry entry.
Izokay6 years ago
That's not really rewritten compared to Vista, at least not completely.
gmjhowe6 years ago
step 1 - apply thermite to harddrive step 2 - ignite /apple fanboy comment
collard416 years ago
There is a registry mod that makes the 'Send Feedback' button disappear.