Introduction: How to Use a Candela Amplifier

The Candela Amplifier is a high quality demonstration of thermoelectric generation. Thermoelectric generators are a form of alternative energy generation that contain no moving parts. This example uses the waste heat from a small flame to generate electricity and emit useful light from a bright LED, thus "amplifying" the light output from the flame. This shows the concept of a thermopile (e.g. Peltier or Seebeck effect) to generate electric current from a thermal input.

This video shows how to set up and use a Candela Amplifier with the oil burner stand!

Where to get a Candela Amplifier

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a.steidl (author)2012-09-14

Wonder if I could make something like this that could run off the heat produced by a CPU. Would make for interesting computer case lighting.

Just4Fun Media (author)a.steidl2015-04-01

A friend and I built this very efficient Thermoelectric Generator for $7.50.
It can generate power from a temperature gradient of 5 degrees celsius or greater and can withstand up to 300 degrees celsius before shutting down.

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russ_hensel (author)2013-12-17

Bothered a bit about this, it is cool, but borders on spam as it is really about something to buy, not make. And the link seems messed up try

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