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We're showing you the basic steps involved in making beaded jewelry that lasts with our step by step video and photo tutorial on How to Use a Crimp Tool to Finish Jewelry. Get the extra step that most people leave out and learn why you should never use chain nose pliers to crimp. We make it easy to make it fabulous!

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Thread wire into crimp tube. Thread wire onto clasp. Feed wire back into crimp tube.

UNCROSS YOUR WIRES! Use the front opening of your crimp tool to turn the tube into an oval shape.

Keeping wires uncrossed, compress tube with heart shape opening of your crimp tool, creating two separate chambers.

With smooth side facing the jaws and crimped side facing forward, compress the two sides together in the front opening of your crimp tool.

Test to be sure the wire is secured.

Cut off excess with wire cutters.

It's important that you use the right wire to fill the holes of your beads, the right crimp tube for that diameter of wire, and the right tool for use with the size of crimp tube you are using. All of this information is on the packaging of the wire and tubes.

That's it! Fun, fast and fabulous!

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