How to Use a Heat Sealer


Introduction: How to Use a Heat Sealer

This slide show will show you the steps to how you can make seal plastic bags. For example if one day you decide you want to seal a plastic bag full of water, Guess what? You can! All you need is a heat sealer, one of the many useful machines here at Instructables. There is no real way to get hurt with a heat sealer unless you accidentally place your finger between the machine and get your fingers smashed.



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    So you turn the unit on, put the bag on the thing, and press the pedal? thats it? No holding the clamp recommended duration? Add some detail...perhaps...

    I wish I thought of this when I still had my paper route then I could have throm the papers to the step inside of thier plastic bags. It would have made delivery much easier.

    cool! but just wondering.. why would you want to heat seal those ziploc bags? the one.. with the zipper.

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    cough cough dime bag cough cough

    who said that **shifty eyes**