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This slide show will show you the steps to how you can make seal plastic bags. For example if one day you decide you want to seal a plastic bag full of water, Guess what? You can! All you need is a heat sealer, one of the many useful machines here at Instructables. There is no real way to get hurt with a heat sealer unless you accidentally place your finger between the machine and get your fingers smashed.


frollard (author)2007-12-11

So you turn the unit on, put the bag on the thing, and press the pedal? thats it? No holding the clamp recommended duration? Add some detail...perhaps...

xtank5 (author)2007-12-11

I wish I thought of this when I still had my paper route then I could have throm the papers to the step inside of thier plastic bags. It would have made delivery much easier.

GorillazMiko (author)2007-12-11

cool! but just wondering.. why would you want to heat seal those ziploc bags? the one.. with the zipper.

lol. ya :-\

iKill (author)!Andrew_Modder!2007-12-11

cough cough dime bag cough cough

iKill (author)iKill2007-12-11

who said that **shifty eyes**

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