Step 3: Step 3: Wiimote

Connect the WiiMotionPlus and Nunchuk to the Wiimote. Next, open your Bluetooth software. On Windows Vista and newer, just type "Bluetooth" in the start menu search bar. Click on "Bluetooth Devices". Press 1 and 2 together on your Wiimote and click "Add New Device". Keep pressing 1 and 2 until your computer lists the Wiimote as a device to install. Select the device. At the next screen, click "Don't Use Passkey" and hit "Next". Your computer will install the Wiimote as a usable device.
<p>Can't do it..... It always tells me to enter a password :/</p>
<p>Can't do it..... It always tells me to enter a password :/</p>
I know you uploaded this a while ago and might not answer, but I'm having some trouble with this. I'm doing everything right (I think), but GlovePie says &quot;WiiMotion Plus NOT DETECTED!&quot; even though I opened the file you said to (the one you download from the instructable page). What am I doing wrong?
Are you sure the Wiimote is paired with your computer?
I cant get GlovePie to recognize My Wiimote with motion plus and nunchuck
Guys If you open the temp file in glovepie it recognizes it<br>
Don't you need to use the ir bar, or does the screen acts as a light source?
It reads the output from the MotionPlus sensor, so you don't need an ir bar.
The PIE file still is a .temp, the link even leads to a temp. when i get the address<br>. Please help!
If you copy the text into glove_pie, it works too.
Ah, I found out how. I opened it with Notepad and c&amp;p'ed it.
all the files are .tmp files not .pie or .exe. Would you mind finding out what's wrong or just reuploading them? I'd like to try this out.
of course... ill try re adding the files
OK... I fixed it.. I even tested it this time... sorry for the problems.
Thank you for your quick response but it seems the problem must be on my end or in instructables. The exe is a zip now but the other two are still tmp. Thanks all the same.
oh... the other two... i didnt even thin k about those! sorry... ill fix it asap!!
just open the link and copy the text into Glove_Pie......
I switched to IE to see it as text and then it copied just fine. I should be trying it sometime today. Thank you for the extra effort. It was most helpful.
sorry fpr all the trouble.... hopefully ill do better posting stuff now..........
It's not your fault. The issue was somewhere between us. You were most helpful and I doubt the problem was in any way caused by you.
Nice, however some images would be good... <br> <br>How responsive is this with the computer anyway?
very responsive, about as good as a mouse... i will add images, thx!
Cool, if I get my hands on a wiimote for a day I'll test it out...
yeah... sorry i havent been on for a few days... ill add images asap!

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