Introduction: How to Use an Electric Melting Furnace

A demo and a bit of a review of my electric melting furnace For melting gold silver copper aluminium i have had it for a few years and its still working good, Check out some of my other videos and SUBSCRIBE if you like them, Thanks.


HectorM49 (author)2016-08-13

MUY BUENO !!!!!!!

GLOB_Youtube (author)HectorM492016-08-13


GLOB_Youtube (author)2016-08-12

I bought this from china,it was a complete set. around £180 i filled the crucible with water for you and it holds 600ml. Hope this helps.

mjenk20236 (author)2016-08-12

Did you make this?

If not, where did you get it?

What's the most copper it can melt?

Is the crucible original?

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