Step 9: Conclusion

Picture of Conclusion
After all this work, if your contraption looks anything like this and/or passes your test, then you're done! You should be able to connect your monitor to a computer and see the display up on the projection screen or wall when everything is turned on.

If you can't get the entire image to display on the wall, most new monitors will allow you to change the screen ratio. This can be done with the control panel. although if you can't remember which buttons do what it will take some playing around.

Remember, the the image on the screen doesn't need to be huge to get a good sized, quality picture onto the wall.

A suggestion that wasn't done here would be to cut a small slot into the fixture where the screen sits. This will allow the circuit board to rest in it, so the image won't be blocked.

This is by no means a state of the art projector, but to me it was well worth the price (which was $0). Please post any improvements you can make to the design or process, I look forward to seeing them.

Now that your new projector is built, it's up to you to figure out how it will best work in a home or office. Thanks for reading.