How to Use an P10 Module With Arduino





Introduction: How to Use an P10 Module With Arduino

Hi everyone, in this project, we are going to learn how to use a P10 module with arduino nano. You have to buy a P10 module and a power supply unit. There are some good informations on the freetronics.

Step 1: P10 Module

32 x 16 high brightness Red LEDs (512 LEDs total) on a 10mm pitch

5V operation

Viewable over 12 metres away

Tough plastic frame

Controller ICs on board, simple clocked data interface

Arduino compatible library, graphics functions and example support

You can see a two connectors on the P10 modul. One of them is for power, one of them is for data..

Step 2: Power Supply Unit

I have use 5v 10 A. But if you want to connect lots of panel, maybe you have to buy 20 A or 40 A. For example when i use 24 P10 modules in another project, i bought a power supply unit that 50 A. I took a picture how to connect the cables.

Step 3: PCB for Connection

I made a PCB design in Proteus. In the picture you can see the connections between 2x16 header cable and arduino. If anyone want to pcb, i can send.. Please send me an email about this instructable.

Step 4: Code

First, you need a library. here the link..

1-Download ZIP into your computer and open Arduino IDE.
2-Install a new library into your Arduino IDE you can use the Library Manager
3-Click to the "Sketch" menu and then Include Library >Add zip library..

if you are succesful, you can see in the examples DMD_master.
4-You can upload demo program to Nano..And finish..:)

But i removed some parts of the program. because it is a demo. Any question??

Step 5: Video

You can watch this instructable in youtube. here the link.



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14 Discussions

Send me proteus files of pcb design

i have maked same project but that will not show greater then 63 charectors. help how to increase charectors.

Yes, you can use the same library. By the way sorry for late message, i saw your message now..:(

Do u have any idea of interfacing 1 feet height and 8 feet length p10 module with the arduiono......p10 modules will be in two rows

Here is another easy to use Arduino library for P10 single color led panels. It's called LedP10 Library. Supports dynamic content and single, double line font, static and scrolling display.

Did you install the library correctly??

How to connection to arduino Uno R3, would you send me schematic, pls