Introduction: How to Use My Video Camera

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For Alexa

Step 1: Turning It On

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Open the side flap so its facing you. Then, press and hold the power button. You should see a screen as shown.

Step 2: Open Lens Cap

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Flip the switch located on the side near the lens to the position shown. Lens Cap is shown in closed position.

Step 3: Switching Mode

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You may not be in recording mode right away. In that case, press the round mode button on top to switch from playback mode to recording mode

Step 4: Recording

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To record, you may press either of these two buttons. I will test tonight and see how long it will record for, so you should be good for at least an hour and a half

Step 5: Getting Fancy

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To zoom in or out, you may press either of the buttons shown.

Step 6: Putting It Away

Do the same steps as you did earlier, in reverse order. Close the lens cap, flip the screen in, and press and hold the power button.

Step 7: Charge It

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Once the side flap is opened, there will be another flap. Open this flap. Plug the cord into the red jack.

Step 8:


tomatoskins (author)2015-05-26

Cool instructable! What kind of camera is it?

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