This is one of our ideas about how digital fabrication can translate and improve traditional craft. We use Rhino, RhinoCAM, and the CNC milling machine to design wood joinery. As a result of applying curvature to joinery, the joints lock together. It help us assemble and disassemble components easily.

Step 1: Study Japanese Joinery and Choose a Specific Joint

Step 2: Reproduce Your Chosen Joint and Test It

Step 3: Change Straight Line to Curved Line and Adjust the Position to Have an Intersection Between Two Layers

Step 4: Use the CNC Mill to Cut the Joint, Then Laminate

Step 5: Test the Joinery

<p>These kind of experimentation is always interesting !!<br>I'm currently student in woodworking ! Thanks for the inspiration !!!</p>
<p>Can this be adapted for joining panels at a 90 degree angle?</p>
This is just a simple idea showing how we using CNC but you can apply this idea to different joints. If you want different angle it might need to adjust the joint.
<p>This is really impressive. You should seriously enter it into the CNC contest that is currently running. </p>
Thanks for your comment!!

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Bio: Hi, We are Jesse, Benas and Emil. We are interested in digital fabrication.
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