How to Use the CNC Mill to Improve Japanese Joinery





Introduction: How to Use the CNC Mill to Improve Japanese Joinery

This is one of our ideas about how digital fabrication can translate and improve traditional craft. We use Rhino, RhinoCAM, and the CNC milling machine to design wood joinery. As a result of applying curvature to joinery, the joints lock together. It help us assemble and disassemble components easily.

Step 1: Study Japanese Joinery and Choose a Specific Joint

Step 2: Reproduce Your Chosen Joint and Test It

Step 3: Change Straight Line to Curved Line and Adjust the Position to Have an Intersection Between Two Layers

Step 4: Use the CNC Mill to Cut the Joint, Then Laminate

Step 5: Test the Joinery



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    These kind of experimentation is always interesting !!
    I'm currently student in woodworking ! Thanks for the inspiration !!!

    Can this be adapted for joining panels at a 90 degree angle?

    This is just a simple idea showing how we using CNC but you can apply this idea to different joints. If you want different angle it might need to adjust the joint.

    This is really impressive. You should seriously enter it into the CNC contest that is currently running.

    Thanks for your comment!!