Picture of 360 Degree Panoramas on your iPod
Collect 3D spaces from your life for easy view on your iPod and share them with friends.
This is a very quick, easy, virtually free (if you already have an ipod) Instructable on how to make your own 360 panorama views for showing off for your friends. The latest few generations of iPods all have a photo viewing feature nowadays, so you'll be collecting and showing 360 views or Spaces in no time.
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Step 1: Photograph your Panorama

Picture of Photograph your Panorama
The effect is achieved by taking a dozen or more overlapping photographs of a scene (in the correct order) taken from one vantage point, and rotating a relatively regular amount between each one. Placed as an album on your iPod, a quick scroll through the pictures generates a 360 space. The nifty scroller on the iPod makes the interfacing even more intuitively pleasing.

Perfect accuracy and spacing while photographing is not required for it to look good, but the closer your surroundings are to you, the more precise you should be in your intervals between photographs. Try to turn about 30 degrees on the spot between each photo, so there is large amount of overlap and continuity when scrolling on the iPod.

Next time your somewhere and you really want to capture to essence of the moment, take a 'space', and add it to your collection on your iPod. This is a great, fairly memory friendly
way of cataloging your travels.

No photo shop or illustrator is needed to make 'spaces', although it can only be viewed this way on your IPod.

Try downloading the photos linked to this Instructable to see how the effect looks if your don't have a chance to take your own.

Step 2: Upload your pics

Picture of Upload your pics
To access the photo feature on your iPod, you will have to use iTunes. Placing photographs as files onto the disc manually will not allow you to view them.

To sync your spaces, make a folder somewhere on your machine. Make a separate sub-folder within this folder for each space, naming it appropriately.

Check the option 'Sync photos from' and browse for your folder.

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olesenf5 years ago
I have 75 gb
i have 1T and 500Mb so... =)
i love music sorry =(
Dude I have a 5th gen 120gb ipod and its almost full.
what is the difference between a photo, panorama and 3dspace and probably 3dpanorama? i once have seen a flat moving panorama called like the latter. here are true real 3d-stereopanoramas or of all the same, linked together. unique freeviewing.
this is pretty clever, it would be cool to be able to upload 3D cad files and view them with the scroll wheel
just export an animation (where the camera rotates in place, so it's essentially a panorama) as an image sequence. I'm pretty sure most 3d programs support that.
DainiusGB (author)  drummonkey926 years ago
you might be able to hack somethinglike that into an iphone or itouch, good idea!
ERCCRE1235 years ago
3.38 GB of songs???!!! Wow that's a lot of songs
no. i got 8 gigs filled with music. my brothers have 20 and 28 gigs filled.
not really
I have 160GB
beat ya by 20 GB. lol
just beated you with 100GB (i added my own 500GB drive into my ipod :P )
Do you have a 500gb 1.8" harddrive?
I have 20 gb of song...;-)
very clever... but is it just clicking next photo? for the effect? or am i missing out on smthn...
DainiusGB (author)  SunShine.11116 years ago
yeah it is just clicking to the next photo but it has the effect that you are turning in all directions
you cou;ld just make a panorama and then put it on and move across the photo couldn't you?
pretty sneaky sis
wkaemena6 years ago
You can see TRUE panoramas on your iphone/ipodtouch by downloading the free .app PANGEAVR
wow thanks pangea vr rocks
DainiusGB (author)  wkaemena6 years ago
oh cool! i got myself an ipod touch for christmas so i should totally try that!
Hope you like PangeaVR! Go to Willy... In the list in order to see my panoramic works done in many countries all over the world
That is alot easier than i thought it would be!!!
That isn't that bad it is smart but it isn't a pnorama.
DainiusGB (author)  mysticperson236 years ago
well not exactley but it gives you an illusion that it is, and it works pretty well that way!
ur right it still is good
Akmuo6 years ago
Dainiau, Another ivention.... keep them coming! Akmuo
PetervG6 years ago
Well that's not viewing a panorama on your iPod, just viewing a bunch of photos. Also, my iPod broke yesterday. $200 down the drain, gah.
Gjdj3 PetervG6 years ago
What happened to it?
PetervG Gjdj36 years ago
I was trying to repair it, because the LCD was broken, then once I replaced that, it wouldn't do anything. I got it to work fine now, but the case wont snap back together. So it's still pretty useless.
Gjdj3 PetervG6 years ago
Well I wouldn't say $200. You could definetly buy a case online. They cost less than $20. There's an awesome clear one somewhere. It's buy the people who do the bluetooth on an iPod instructable. Or you could make your own.
PetervG Gjdj36 years ago
Yeah it is $200. A 8GB iPod Nano is like, $189.99 + TAX. I might just order a new case, but not sure how I would move everything from this one to a new case.
you may be able to make an aluminum case for $20 or so, that may help?.?.
You should get something from SanDisk or Creative once it breaks again. They're cheaper and better. I'm loving my Zen V Plus and Sansa View. :]
Ah, yeah I'm going to stick with cheap mp3 players from now on :D I've gone back to using my old 512mb sony walkman. I only really use it for my walk to school so I don't mind.
:D Yep, every once in a while I'll just use my CD player. It's bulkier but it's still great.
My portable record player never fails.
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