There is no denying that calendar is important for us because we use it to record or arrange many future events, no matter the birthday of our relatives or a very significant anniversary. Apple users always have their calendars synced to iCloud. Nowadays, you must also use other popular calendar services except iCloud; for example, you may use Google Calendar for work. Sometimes you may want to add iCloud calendar to Google Calendar for compare. Right?

What you need to do is import iCloud calendar to Google Calendar. After that, you can view iCloud calendar in Google directly. But, at first, you should export .ics file of iCloud calendar so that you can add it to Google calendar. This process is indeed easy to do, let’s get the detailed steps.

Step 1: View ICloud Calendar in Google by Importing Ics File

Open a browser on your computer, go to iCloud.com, sign in your Apple ID and click Calendar. Click on the broadcast button to the right of the calendar name you want to import and tick the “Public” option. Then click “Copy Link”.

Step 2: View ICloud Calendar in Google by Importing Ics File

Copy the URL to browser, do not tap "Enter", change the “webcal” at the front to “http”, now tap "Enter", the .ics file of the calendar will auto download to your computer.

Step 3: View ICloud Calendar in Google by Importing Ics File

Now, open a new web page, go to Google.com and sign in your Google account. Find Google Calendar, click “Other calendars” > Import calendar > Choose the .ics file just downloaded from iCloud > Import it.

That's all for how to view iCloud Calendar in Google by importing .ics file.

Of course there must exist other methods, such as you can view iCloud calendar in Google calendar by adding URL, or with the help of some third-party software like AnyTrans to help you make it without effort.

You can try these methods by yourself, hope you find the best way.

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