Step 5: Project!

Picture of Project!

Carefully align the binoculars with the sun.  Over the course of viewing, you will have to move the binoculars to track the sun as it moves across the sky.

Hold your other piece of foam board about a foot or so behind the lens.  If you've got the binoculars pointed properly, an image of the sun should appear!  Take a look below for some of the pictures I took of the process.

I did this on a cloudy day.  The clouds were fairly thin and high for most of the eclipse, so it wasn't too bad of a problem, but towards the end heavier clouds started rolling in.  I noticed that as the clouds thinned I was able to move the board further from the binoculars, projecting a larger and more clear image.  On a day with no clouds, you should be able to hold the board quite far from the binoculars, making a very large and detailed image!