*On the surface Hand Washing seems simple, but doing it improperly can recontaminate your hands and leave you vulnerable to illness and disease.

Hand washing, as deemed by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), is the single best way to avoid infection. Hand washing helps break up germs, dirt and other harmful particles on your hands with the combination of soap, water, friction and a paper towel.

On the surface hand washing is simple and elementary. However, many people do it improperly and actually walk away almost as contaminated (and sometimes more so) than before they washed. Plus, if hand washing is so simple then why don't all of us do it?

Follow the steps to proper hand washing to develop good hygiene and infection control habits. Once you have consistently incorporated infection control principles into your daily routines then you can experience increased health. Please note, we do not support over cleaning, hygiene OCD, germaphobia or other intense behaviors. We support a responsible approach to hygiene and recommend living in accordance with a few sound infection control principles.

If you have questions on how to best wash, teach others or promote hand hygiene then please email us (info@OUTFOXprevention.com) or go to our site www.OUTFOXprevention.com.


Step 1: Prepare Towel Before Washing Hands

If available, prepare a paper towel before you wash your hands.  Most hand towel dispensers are automatic so wave your hand to have some of the paper extracted.  Do not remove the paper from the dispenser at this time. 
Cool. You should wash your hands properly
Washing hands properly is very important.
This is very good before eating and such.<br>else...well...what happens when you leave the wash room? do you use another tissue to open another door? or do you wear gloves? That would make us another Mr Monk ( the TV program) :-)
You make an excellent point! We don't support an OCD approach to hygiene. For, there will be some things that we do that will allow germs in.... We just need to find out which habits will protect us the best without being over-the-top.
You're supposed to take rings off.<br> <br> L
U are so right that rings are great big collectors of germy material. Actually if you leave ur rings on they will be clean too IF U DO IT RIGHT (key words!). U don't want to have clean hands and put those germy rings back on.<br><br>So push ur rings up on ur fingers and wash the area under the rings well. Then turn ur attention too the rings. Turn them around on your fingers being sure to get soap all over them. <br><br>Of course u want to be VERY CAREFUL so ur rings don't slip off ur fingers and go down the drain with the germs (Which is what u are doing - the antimicrobal agents in OTC hand soap really aren't necessary. U wash MOST of the germs away and down the drain. Of course health care professionals need hospital grade antimicrobals that leave a residue on the hands keeping the number of germs there low.)
Use &quot;you&quot; &amp; &quot;your&quot; if you want people to think that your older than ~11.<br> <br> L
Thank YOU for YOUR kind comments!
: )
Great addition! We will add that in. Thanks!
One last tip and then I'll go! WET ur hands first. This is supposed to decrease the surface tension on the hands letting u lather the soap up easier.<br><br>This is a great lesson and something that really, really needs to be taught!
Great information shared about wetting your hands! Thanks
I have to vote for this. I was an Infection Control Cordinator before I had to take a medical retirement. So I'd be out of the Bug Lady Club if I neglected to vote for this!<br><br>If you are a teacher looking for lesson plans, coloring sheets, songs, books, etc. I can give you a great low cost resource. I'm not sure if we are supposed to give out company info here or not.
Glad to see you are still in the club :)
That hand face scares me...
Not as much as germs should ;)
Nice work. Also in a recent lab experiment at uni we learned the length of time you have the soap on is more important than how much you rub your hands together.
I appreciate the information and hope it can help my readers! Thanks! OUTFOX

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