The tips and tricks to flip a water bottle better than anyone you know.

Step 1: Getting the Supplies...

All you need is a plastic water bottle full of water.

Step 2: Getting the Right Amount...

Drink or dump out 3/4 of the water. This will let the bottle flip more easily.

Step 3: How to Hold It...

Hold the cap with your thumb, pointer finger, and your middle finger. Bend your wrist down so you can flick your wrist up.

Step 4: Flick of the Wrist...

It's all in the wrist, flick your wrist upward and let go of the bottle.

Step 5: Letting Go..

After you let go watch the bottom of the bottle. It should land upright.

Step 6: Extra..

If you want an extra challenge, try to get the bottle to land on the cap. Have fun with your bottle flipping!!!!
<p>its cool I made it on the cap thanks for your help</p>
<p>tristonap0103 no problem!</p>
<p>How about a &quot;How to get a water bottle flip on the lid&quot;? Great work!</p>
<p>great idea. Now I know what to make next!</p>
<p>aha, I knew there was a &quot;trick&quot; to this trick lol.</p><p>Thanks for this :)</p>
<p> Djjsjd that's great!</p>
<p>Fun trick. I hope that you will post more cool projects in the future. </p>
<p>DIY Hacks and How Tos thank you for the great feedback!</p>
<p>thanks guys! I will definetly make more instructables!?</p>
Yes I hope the same

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