How to Weather Wood Without the Weather




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Introduction: How to Weather Wood Without the Weather

If you're into the shabby-chic look, and you want to age/weather wood faster than you've got time for. all you need is access to a sand-blaster.

Step 1: Take a Fresh Cut Piece of Wood and Put It in the Sandblaster

Woods with high contrast grain usually have a hard grain and a soft grain. This piece of pine has a vertical grain. All you have to do is aim the sandblasting gun at the wood. The longer you do it the more soft grain will be removed and the more textured it will become

Step 2: Brand New Weathered Wood in 10 Minutes




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    I use a particle accelerator. Well, your sand blaster is something so, but old-steampunk fashion.

    2 replies

    A sand blaster is a "particle accelerator"...

    Power washer user here. Works like a charm and fast.

    I found that a wire brush wheel on a motor does a nice job. I though about mounting several wheels on a shaft and some feed rollers to just feed a board through and antique the whole thing at once.

    propane torch and a wire brush work great too.

    Not everybody has access to a sand blaster, but... you can get much the same effect with a power washer if you get really close to the wood!

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    I've also used a power washer, not too good on hardwoods tho'

    thanks for your comment, maybe you should do an instructable on how to weather wood with a power washer!

    I use a wire brush and faded grey paint. Stupid p key keeps sticking and I have to go back and delet a bunch of P's