Step 4: Twining

Twining is used to space out and secure the warp.  Since the warp is wrapped around the frame the thickness of the wood creates a gap or space between the warp threads.  Twining brings together the two layers of warp threads so that the are at the same height.  I used the same colour yarn that I'll be using for the background.  Working from left to right, simply take a length of yarn, loop it around the warp and twist around each warp thread.  As you can see from image 4, the warp threads are now lined up and should be evenly spaced.
<p>This seems to be an easier project than others on Instructables! Thanks for the detailed instructions and clear photos. </p><p>Now, to get a cat to help me...</p>
<p>Lovely. I really may try this! For future reference, it's 'taut'. Grammar Nerd : )</p>
<p>Awesome! I do believe I can learn this craft! Thank you for the detailed instructions. I'm so excited to get started!</p>
<p>Great instructions! But where did you purchase the loom and the shuttles? I can't find the ones in the picture.</p>
<p>I mean the heddle</p>
<p>I made my own, here are instructions: </p><p>https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-Frame-Loom-for-Weaving/</p>
GREAT instructions!!! How do you figure dimensions of the finished work?
It depends on the thickness of the yarn and the number of warp strands.
I found your how to on making your loom and then followed it here to this one. Great jobs, by the way. I will have no problem making my own, but I do have a couple of questions.... <br>Does the hedle stay put? I mean, is there enough tension on the end pieces of the hedle to keep it up or down and not falling sideways? <br>If not, do you then just hold up the hedle with one hand and push the shuttle through with the other, then let it drop and push the shuttle back through? <br>The piece is limited by the width of the loom, but what about the length? Is there a way to make something longer? <br>I guess I could make several hedles for the same loom for different numbers or guage of weft? from something with say 10 wefts per inch to about 4 wefts per inch? <br>Any suggestions on that part? <br>This was a pretty cute project for your first attempt! KUDOS!!! <br> <br>Keep craftin <br>Chrystalkay
Thanks for your comment.<br> <br> You move and hold the heddle up and down by hand while you pass the shuttle through.<br> Unfortunately with this type of loom the length is limited to the length of the loom . With <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Scrapwood-Loom/" rel="nofollow">this</a> loom here you can adjust the length with a post in the back, though it is a bit harder to make.<br> <br> You can make different heddles for different guages, I haven't made any other heddles myself but that is definitely a great way to make your loom more versatile.<br> <br>
Thank you for your quick answer and for the link. I like the simplicity of your design better than the more complicated on in the link, but it did give me an idea. I will just add a simplified roll up bar on the front and back. His instructions are great for those with machines, but I am stuck with a dremel, a drill, and a jigsaw. I will figure out a way to make it work but don't hold your breath for pictures. I already have several parts of the loom that I can use, but this year's Christmas gifts are far from complete. And until they are, I won't be taking on another project. But won't everyone be surprised next year when I have home loomed gifts for them! <br>Thank you for your help! <br>And about how tight to make the weft, I guess it will just be trial and error to start with.
Amazing job. Keep it up
Having become severely visually impaired in the last 2 years, this and the preceding instructable both look like things I can do even with my limited sight. I think as soon as I return home from this most recent surgery I'll have to attempt them both =)
I really enjoyed this project it was very interesting to learn about weaving and building a loom, hope you enjoy it too. Good luck with your surgery.
This is very cute! Thanks for sharing!

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