Step 10: Replace Wire Feed to Gun

Sometimes the wire gets kinked and won't advance through the hose or the gun even when the tip is clear and open. Take a look inside of your welder. Check out the spool and the rollers as sometimes the wire can become kinked in there and need to be re-fed through the hose and the gun before it will work again. If this is the case, follow these steps:

1. (Photo 1) - Unplug the unit.

2. (Photo 2) - Find the kink or jam in the spool.

3. (Photo 3) - Cut the wire with a set of pliers or wire cutters.

4. (Photo 4) - Take the pliers and pull out all of the wire from the hose through the tip of the gun.

5. (Photo 5) - Keep pulling, it's long.

6. (Photo 6) - Unkink the wire and feed it back into the rollers. To do this on some machines you have to release the tension spring holding the rollers down tight on the wires. The tension bolt is pictured below. It's the spring with the wing nut on it in it's horizontal position (disengaged).

7. (Photo 7) - Check to make sure the wire is properly seated between the rollers.

8. (Photo 8) - Re-seat the tension bolt.

9. (Photo 9) - Turn on the machine and depress the trigger. Hold it down for a while until the wire comes out of the tip of the gun. This can take 30 seconds or so if your hoses are long.
Spudmuffon2 years ago
Check and adjust tension you should be able to squeeze the wire and prevent it from moving while not causing any kind of bird nesting by the drive rollers