Picture of How to Whistle for those who CAN NOT Whistle
I can't whistle. Don't try teaching me, because I CAN'T whistle. Some people just can't. This is an instructable for all you people who can't whistle, or need a new way to annoy people.

Hands (2)

Step 1: The Karate Chop

Picture of The Karate Chop
The first step is what I call "The Karate Chop." Chop you left hand with your right hand. Chop right where the fingers meet the palm.

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FauxNom1 month ago
Sort of got it. It still sounds pretty faint lol.
I dunno if I'm doing it wrong, but when you press your lips against your hands, are the lips pulled downwards?

Wow, it helped. Thanks.

it didn't help me

alyssas5 months ago

this is stupid I can't do it

alyssas5 months ago
countrygirl015 months ago

i can only blow air ughh no fair

makershaker059 months ago
I am now depressed I cannot do this or whistle

This did not help whatsoever! I dislike you not only as a person, but also as an instructor. I still fail to whistle. My life will forever be incomplete. Thanks for nothin'.

THECHINABOY5 years ago
I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THANK  YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And my older bother can't. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOWWWW???????????? i cant do it

thnx. got it in 3rd 4th try. i know how to whistle with only lips loudly but still cant whistle high pitch 2 finger style. :(

thanx for this. got it in 3rd-4th try. i can whistle with lips from childhood so loudly that my mom always yelled at me not to do that and made me leave the house and do that outside. But I still i dont know how to whistle with 2 fingers in mouth.

Kidiu4 years ago
Sweet. Took a while, but I got it. Kinda hard at first. I struggle to blow the air right.
ohalai4 years ago
yhessss i did it
LaBeasy5 years ago
This is for right handed people, left handed people (like me) have do the opposite of all of this
relyk LaBeasy4 years ago
I'm left-handed, and did it. Try harder
canida8 years ago
Whoa- that actually worked for me on the first try! Cool. Of course, I can whistle normally, but this seems like a good life skill. Can you teach me how to do the high pitched whistle with two fingers in the mouth?
Super Cameraman (author)  canida8 years ago
No, but my mom can! She would literally be at my neighbor's house, and she would use that instead of a phone to call me home. I'll ask her how to do that. It's like... super sonic!
My dad does the same thing no matter where we are it may be down the street, at the other end of Walmart, or anywhere else.
Sweet. My swim coach used to do that, but didn't want to teach us how. ;)
I posted a small instructable with some tips.
Peekadosies5 years ago
I did IT!!!!!!!!!
FiliLo5 years ago
HA! That's great, I'm 24 and I could never whistle, but at least I got this now... lol
I found out how to do it. you blow on top of it like a flute as where you blow on top of the hole.
kog1037 years ago
Thanks, I've really wanted to know how to do this! Good instructable!
I learned to do this when i was little, but its nice to see a instructable i cant whistle so this is my only option.
MarketaLX7 years ago
thanx so much! I could never whistle and i did this on the first try, awesome, i did it!!!
senga7 years ago
YAYYYYY i just did ittttttttt !!!!!! [but i cant do it again :'( ] thannnnks
sem_on1237 years ago
schetleft7 years ago
hand cooing is a difficult technique. I have been doing it for a few years now, and i still haven't mastered it.
bebegirl7 years ago
i still can't whistle!!!!!!! *sobs* but thank you..
hey i cant do it but... my thumbs are shaped like that and when i blow air and move the right hand i here air coming out help please.
dont work 4 me i just get a regular non handed whistle. !lol you changed that odd pic to a non blurred out pic! :-P
brianf258 years ago
I'm raining world champion whistler 8 years running.... ok not really.... but if i wast too lazy to compete I would pwn all those nooblets at the state fairs.
HarryM8 years ago
really cool! Worked on the first try
is it supposed to be a loud whistle? i hope not caus i think thats the closest to whistling i'v ever come. YESSS! also to make a loud whistle just use an acorn top.
Sintax8 years ago
jesus thanks! man I did it right away I was really surprised, I cant whistle with my lips but I can now like this.. awesome!
mrmath8 years ago
Can I just say that you told us to Chop our left hand with our right hand, but then showed us chopping our right hand with our left? Also, where should the chopping hand lie on the chopped hand? Should the pinky lay across the fingers, or should the meaty part of our hand between the pinky and the wrist lay across the fingers? And, what's wrong with making out with the hole between our thumbs? :)
Super Cameraman (author)  mrmath8 years ago
Oh shoot, the pictures are all mirrored.... That's why it's messed up. And making our with the hole, while... fun (?) doesn't make a whistle.
I fixed the pictures.
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