How to Whiten Your Teeth With Common Household Materials





Introduction: How to Whiten Your Teeth With Common Household Materials

Step 1: Materials You Will Need:

Baking Soda (pure)
Hydrogen Peroxide (3%)
Toothbrush (preferably different from the one you use daily)
1 mixing glass
Mixing tool (silver)
A teaspoon measurement

Step 2: Grab the Baking Soda

measure out 4 teaspoons of baking soda and pour into glass.

Step 3: Grab the Hydrogen Peroxide

Measure out 2 teaspoons of hydrogen Peroxide to add to the Baking soda.

Step 4: Grab the Silver Mixing Tool

Mix the two ingredients together until you get a paste like substance.

Step 5: Grab Your Everyday Toothbrush

Using the mixing tool apply the paste onto the toothbrush, enough to cover all the bristles of the toothbrush.

Step 6: Align Your Teeth Evenly

Begin to brush the top and bottom 6 teeth at the same time for approximately 1minute.
Caution: Try to avoid gums but it will not burn or hurt you.
Warning: Do NOT Swallow

Step 7: Continue to Add More Paste

To the tooth brush and brush your teeth at least one more time for 1 minute.

WARNING: Don’t do brush your teeth with these ingredients more than twice a week.

Step 8: For the Best Results

Swish about 3 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide in your mouth like mouthwash for 30 seconds in order to get quicker results.

Step 9: Advice

Should see instant results after the first week then a gradual change over the next couple months.

PS. The sets of Teeth are different because this Instructable was a College assignment. The first picture is my own teeth, the second is a friend who has been using these ingredients on her teeth for about two months now.



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    for the all all tips and home products that you have mentioned. You can also
    try teeth whitening treatment for the better result. Checkout the treatment
    details here:

    I have heard of using these ingredients before, but I've never seen an actual recipe for it. For a while now I've been willing to try it, but I didn't know how to use of what. I'm going to save it for sure, so that I can try it! Also, I'll be sure to pick up another kind of toothpaste, so that I can use it in this.

    Don’t forget that you only have one set of teeth and that
    even though wanting to stick to 100% organic solutions is great if you get the
    formula wrong you can damage your enamel permanently… There are also 100%
    natural and organic products to whiten your teeth that have been developed by
    leading brands under a lab environment to guarantee their safeties.

    In my opinion saving a few $ is not worth the risk!


    Great idea! Do you have a before and after pic?

    hydrogen peroxide can be found in the chemist's section or the hygiene care. (maybe in the same aisle as the toothpaste is.) be sure that it is 3% or less as a concentrated version is poisonus.

    where in the world is a 12 yr old like me gonna find hydrgen peroxide?

    If you swallow just a beer to heal fast.

    It's burn the gums
    I tried it once and it was like my gums are burning.