Introduction: How to Wire a Arduino Cnc Easy Diy

What you need...

1 arduino uno 5.33$ buy from here

3 easydriver 2.12 $ buy from here

3 stepper motor 2.12 $ small stepper motor

30$ 5 big stepper motor buy from here

1 power supply

and my video..........


NeluChereja (author)2016-08-05

salut calin, dupa nume presupun ca esti si tu roman , am o intrebare , cele 3 easydrive pot controla motoarele nema 17 care au amperajul de 1.7 , cand pe cele trei easydrive scrie ca pot controla un amperaj maxim de 0.75 amperi

acastrofly (author)2016-06-20

Como fica o grbl neste caso?

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