This Instructable will give two great examples on how you can impress your friends and loved ones, simultaneously express pride and distain for your place of employment, and create a beautiful, unique gift wrapping that partygoers will not be able to quit talking about all night long.

You will see side-by-side instruction on gift-wrap through theft; one from a high-end frame shop somewhere in Northern California, the other from FedEX/Kinkos. Although I will show you, in detail, two methods of wrapping presents by stealing from work, It is VERY important that you augment this Instrutable to your specific employment situation and aesthetic.

To be totally successful in this endeavor you have now committed to undertaking, you must use as many resources from your work as possible without paying for anything. It is important that you do all the production on this project while "on the clock". Ideally you should be working on this while you are supposed to be doing something else. It is also preferable (though not mandatory) that you wrapping your presents at a time when you are getting paid overtime.

Good Luck!

Step 1: Gathering Supplies

The first step in this process I will call "gathering supplies". If you are confronted by a superior they may use a different term, however for the sake of brevity I will just say "gathering supplies". Due to possible ire that could be incurred upon you by this process It might be best to go about this step out of the observance of anyone who would be apt to divulge your activates to any authority types.

It might be a good idea to rehearse predetermined excuses for your behavior just incase someone does notice and you draw a disapproving eye, i.e. "This stuff? Oh, Steve in the warehouse is doing inventory and he asked me to bring these down there so that he would have an even number of things to count....Didn't you know? Steve...horrible case of OCD...almost debilitating...I like to help him out when I can."

Frame Shop Wrapping: The supplies needed in this project are as follows
1) Black Masking Tape
2) Hanging Wire #4
3) Wire Cutters
4) Black Backing Paper
5) ATG Tape

FedEx/Kinkos Wrapping: The supplies needed in this project are as follows
1) Tape
2) Scissors
3) Tyvek Mailing Envelopes
4) Shipping Stickers
5) Cardboard Mailing Envelopes
6) Assorted Waybills
7) Fax Cover Sheet
8) A Passport photo of the gift giver
9) Price Labels

This is really great-you can also use old posters and pages from an old book as gift-wrap. (I was making a hollow book, I'm not destroying innocent ones!)
huh thats a good Idea the old book pages (not the innocent ones) =D<br /> <br />
Another thing you can do with the awesome tyvek envelopes is turn them inside-out so you have a white surface to decorate.

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