Picture of How to Wrap a Motorcycle Exhaust

I made this at Techshop

I decided to wrap the exhaust for my motorcycle for 2 reasons: I like the look and it offers heat insulation.

This is a simple project but it helps to have an extra set of hands.

This project requires:

- Headers from a motorcycle

- Exhaust wrap (I got mine from Amazon, and only needed 15 ft.)

- Steel ties (Harbor Freight has them for a couple bucks)

- A bucket and water

- Gloves

Step 1: Soak the Wrap

Picture of Soak the Wrap

It must be wet to be stretched and applied. This is why you need the gloves, the wrap is woven with fiberglass and you don't want that on your hands. Also, it is messy.

It only takes a minute to soak. Just get it wet and you are ready to go.

astropapi113 days ago

Will it fit in my Honda?

jlepack1 year ago
looks good. those off an XS?
s6fitzgerald (author)  jlepack1 year ago

Thanks. Honda gl500