Picture of How to Wrap a Present
Need to wrap a present for Christmas or a birthday? Not really sure how to make it look like someone over the age of four wrapped it? Here's how!
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Step 1: Find a Box

Picture of Find a Box
Choose a box of adequate size to house the item(s) to be wrapped.

Step 2: Collect Materials to be Used

Picture of Collect Materials to be Used
Gather all items needed (Wrapping paper, scissors, clear tape, pen, bow and name tag or card).

Step 3: Measure and Cut

Picture of Measure and Cut
Measure paper to fit around box. The measurement on the sides should be equivalent to the height of the box. Cut the paper that has been measured away from the roll. No paper should only be cut on side closest to the roll (not the top or bottom).

Step 4: Fold, Tape, Turn

Picture of Fold, Tape, Turn
IMGP3279 - Copy.JPG
Fold bottom edge up over top and tape to center of box. Turn the gift box around so that the side you have already taped is facing up.

Step 5: Create Pleats and Tape

Picture of Create Pleats and Tape
Fold up what is now the bottom edge. 1 cm past where other edge is taped create one pleat (small crease). Pull Tight. Holding onto pleat with middle finger and thumb create another pleat with forefinger and top of middle finger. Repeat as desired for more pleats. Secure all pleats with a single piece of tape across all of them at both ends of the box.

Step 6: Flip Box

Picture of Flip Box
Flip box over so the bottom is facing up.

Step 7: Edges

Picture of Edges
On one of the open edge of the gift press in the sides of the paper and create creases. Press down what is currently the top edge of paper (but will be the bottom when you flip the package back over)  and tape. Cut off excess paper to make the edge even (if needed). Fold up what is currently the bottom of paper and secure well with tape. Be sure pleat is secured on edge. Repeat step on remaining open edge of the gift.

Step 8: Flip Box and Add Bow

Picture of Flip Box and Add Bow
Flip box back over to top (side with pleats). Place bow where desired on the package. Secure both edges of bow with tape.

Step 9: Tag It

Picture of Tag It
Select and write on gift tag/card. Add tag/card to package (using tape if necessary).
UshaV6 months ago

Very nicely put and simply explained.