Write and Keep a Journal/Schreiben und Behalten ein Tagebuch

This is my first Instructable in English and German. My German is very bad, so please help.

I am sure that many people keep or have tried to keep a journal, or diary. This is a guide to help one start their first one, covering methods of figuring out what to write and how to keep yourself on track with writing daily.

Das ist mein erste Instructable auf Englisch und Deutsch. Mein Deutsch ist sehr bloed, so bitte hilfen.

Ich glaube viele leute behaltet oder hat behaltet ein Tagebuch versucht. Das ist ein Instructable uber Hilfe mit Ihren erste, mit methode fuer was Sie schreiben und wie Sie behalten schreiben kannen.
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Step 1: Get a Journal/Bekommen ein Tagebuch

First step is to pick out a good journal. I strongly recommend against those ripoff little teensy spiral ones. They are quite nearly impossible to balance on a knee. What you want is something like in the picture, that is all black and white on the front and has two lines on the cover.

Now you need to get it started. Put your name and phone number on the front cover, and doodle out the inside however you want. If you turn it sideways, you can use the back page as a fake laptop.

Erste, Sie moechten ein gut Tagebuch. Die kleine buecher Ich mag nicht, aber egal fur Sie. Wie das Buch in der Bild ist gut.

Jetzt, schreien Ihre Name und Telefonnummer. Sie zeichnen in Ihre Buch kannen.

Step 2: Get a System/Bekommen ein Methode

Picture of Get a System/Bekommen ein Methode
When writing a journal, it is useful to have a system as to when you write or why you write. Some ideas:

On vacation
In a line
On the bus
After an important event

The list goes on and on. I write every day. Read on for a system I like to use for deciding what to write.

Wann schreiben Sie? Heir sind Methoden:

Jeden Tag
Jeden Woche
Am Urlaub
In ein Zeile
Auf das Bus
Wann ein wichtige Veranstaltung ist Zofort

Da sind viele. Ich schreibe jeden Tag. Nexte ist meine Methode fur was zum schreiben.
Abhorsen6 years ago
Sorry, but your German is terrible. I am from Germany, so i can definitely tell.
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Yeah...that was a while ago (although, it hasn't improved much since). I'll leave that part up for just a bit, and if more people complain I'll erase it.
Sorry while reading this again, it sounds pretty angry, it wasn't meant to! Actually I think it's a good idea to make different languages for the Instructables. Man i don't know what i was thinking...
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Sorry I brought it up. Hey, are you saying my instructables are like that? Anyway, we should stop chatting over instructables. Do you write in your journal every day?
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Tnx! I will see if i can fix that. Oh, joined you solder free group, but I hope youll still let me solder a little...