Step 4: What's Going On/Was Ist Los

Next, I like to describe my surroundings, or what's going on outside my window. Now, if you are always sitting in bed writing, then this probably won't change. So you can save this section for when things are unique. So:

Today we went to the candy store. I ate so many lollipops, and I got this gigantic sugar high. Mom was so mad, because I was like buzzing around the house like crazy. Whoa!
Right now, my fish are doing backflips in the aquarium. Speedy and Scooter are racing each other at, like, 40000000000000000000000000000 miles an hour! Totally dude!

Again, I'm just making this up. I'm sure you can do better.

Nexte Ich schreib was ist los ringsherum Ich.
Das ist nicht immer sehr wichtiges, so Sie moechten das nicht immer. So:

Heute wir sind in Suessigkeitengeschaeft gegangen. Ich had so viele Lutscher gegessen, Ich habe ganz veilen Energie. Mama hat viele Wut.
Jetzt, meine Fische sind machen Flips in meine Aquarium. Speedy und Scooter sind machen ein Ren. Sie sind sehr schnell, 40000000000000000000000000000 Kilometerstunden!

Sie ein bissien besser kannen.
Sorry, but your German is terrible. I am from Germany, so i can definitely tell.
Yeah...that was a while ago (although, it hasn't improved much since). I'll leave that part up for just a bit, and if more people complain I'll erase it.
Sorry while reading this again, it sounds pretty angry, it wasn't meant to! Actually I think it's a good idea to make different languages for the Instructables. Man i don't know what i was thinking...

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