Step 8: Homebrew

Hombrew is a fancy word for "PSP Applications." (Yes I know it sounds like homemade coffee) Anyways with homebrew you can control your computer, use your PSP as a second monitor, use common IM clients, check your email, run emulators, you can run linux and windows 95 ( and mac ) with homebrew ! The list could go on for a couple of steps!

This is QJ.net They have lots of homebrew for many consoles. I encourage you to find an app at QJ or PSP-HACKS and come back, then I will show you how to install an app.

Now that you have found an app (and I have refilled my glass of iced tea :)) You need to extract the .rar or .zip archive. Then dig around and check out the readme (its way easier if you learn the controls firest !) after that we have to copy the directory containing EBOOT.PBP and a bunch of other files to our memory stick in the X:>PSP>GAME directory !

Now test out your homebrew app ! If you have any problems ASK in the COMMENTS then other people can learn from your problem or mistake !

NOTE: Some apps only work on the Phat, some only on the slim, and sometime they don't work at all !

<p>The Ultra pandora link no longer works</p>
<p>Lol outdated info. I have a modded PSP 3000 sitting on my desk right now. Thanks for the tutorial, though. ;)</p>
why did you take a picture of a micro sd instead of a pro duo? lol
There's an easier way<br>Just follow this you tube video<br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJAXCbexTu0<br>One download link is dead but you can type that in google search and you will get the download file(I tried it and it works perfectly,<br>Try it out!!!
Okay, I put the files where I need to, but it says that its corrupted. Help?<br>
it work`s great no more game buying ;) LOL<br>thanks!!
Nice 'ible, 5 stars.<br><br>My brother's PSP was modded with M33, by a friend. I'm not sure how he did it, but, if it helps, he already had 3 batteries because we had three PSP's for him to mod.<br><br>I recently downloaded an update from Sony and didn't realize it changed the FW, so how do I re-install it? Everything else is already set, but the CFW doesn't support his ISO's. <br><br>Help?
thanks sooooooooooooo much ive been trying to get this to work for a very long time :D
I have winrar and both files but when I go to extract theRaun mms maker it doesnt show up in the folder i placed it in there was an eboot.pbp and I renamed that to 500.pbp but other than that there was a readme file telling me to go to a website? any help?
Okay I have the folder with 500.bpb but how to I do the format stick and backup files?
I love this instructable, i did it myself. It works on a TA-83 mobo, and I can go back all the way to 3.71 M33. The problem i have is that people who use CFW just to pirate (download iso's of games) games INFURIATES ME. It ruins it for all of us because that is the reason Sony does not let us create our own apps for the psp.<br /> <br /> Here is what Dark_AleX has to say:<br /> &quot;Everyone has the right to do what they want with their own hardware. <strong><em>Piracy does upset me</em></strong>, and because what we are doing opens the way to piracy it's harder to justify it morally. But our stance on piracy is clear, and we hope to be role models. Sony have never been in touch with me, so I am confident that what we are doing is legal.&quot;<br /> <br /> I encourage CFW too, but not piracy! It ruins it for all of us!
I am SO going to do this... one question: If i cut the line (lol) and put the battery in my phat is there ANY chance ATT ALL that my psp will explode or break in any other matter? (i am going to play the nes version of mario on my psp then !! yay) PS: Now that i think of it i have another question: -throughout the process is the ANY chance AT ALL that my psp breaks? (the psp not a component like the battery of the psp)
It is hard to break, lol.
no your PSP will not explode or break, as long as you use a PHAT battery your covered!.... NO your psp CANNOT just break... unless a chip fries (not caused by modding) then the only way to break your PSP is to physically break it
This works on the 3000 series right?
You can try it, i dont think so...
guys! holy snap!!! it works without the pandoras battery aswell, but not on OFW 5.50 yet. <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNQS2hYBTLI">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNQS2hYBTLI</a> remember to watch both parts tho<br/>
Thats the TIFF exploit.
i did that to my PSP2001 and it works .. but it took a few attempts to do it...it takes a few attempts for the exploit to take to the psp! but when it works it all worth it!! i was not much of a fan of the psp til someone sold me one for 60 bucks and i knew i could hack it.. now i take it with me where ever i go! :D
lol, it was takin to long for the people to make a chickhen for 5.50 OFW so my uncle knew a guy who could hard mod it for only 20$ lol
pandora will not work for all psp's. if that is the hard mod you are referring to, as no one puts mod chips in a psp.
err yeah pandora thingie
If you are running 5.00 M33, get Legacy software loader. It runs 1.5 games on 5.00 and is incredibly functional. It crashes under GEN though. Remember to put games like: %GAMENAMEHERE and GAMENAMEHERE in the GAME150 folder!
&nbsp;that means you'll either have to re-download it or its just plain sucks and cant be installed
hey mr, is this guide ok to use with the phat? ive read through but theres no clarification.<br /> <br /> im not sure which kind of phat i have... i remember reading a guide a while back that said to check the pcb behind the umd tray... but i cant see any numbers just the metal bit of the umd tray<br /> <br /> id greatly appriciate you gettin back to me man =]<br />
yes a phat one can be moded, just make sure your pandoras battery is phat aswell, never put a slim battery in a phat psp<br />
LOL, i put my default slim battery from a 2000 TA-083 in a 1000, it worked! It still does.
&nbsp;can i un softmod my battery???
You CAN unsoftmod your battery I recommend &quot;PSP Tool&quot; to do so, it is very safe and user friendly.
On my PSP (i have the same exact one as yours) it says the data is corrupted. i need the ultra pandora battery maker to work but it doesnt to run windows 95
Think you just need to get a new computer! LOL I do not know anyone that is still running '95. The oldest windows system I have even ever used is 98 and 98SE.
my dad still runs 3.1
&nbsp;Aw, that is awsome!<br /> <br />
windows 95 dosent support USB out of the box does it ?
pfft nope and i do not recommend any third party applications! i recommend at least upgrading to 98! and as well i recommend using USB 2.0 (not 1.1 like the first release was)
My pc is running Xp pro sp3 - i want to run 95 on my psp
for the Gen firmware how do you load it to the psp? is it the same as the m33?<br />
The PSP 1000 can be modded, the 2000 CAN also be modded, (ive done it), but the 3000 CAN NOT BE MODDED!<br /> <br /> Just to clear things up. : )<br />
The PSP 3000 or Brite can be Modded now! www.PspHacks.com &lt;- Not sure if this link is Usable cause i just wrote it but if it isint just google Psp Hacks =).<br />
yes it can be. but only partial hacking. you cannot shut it down for it will go back to official firmware if you shut it down<br /> <br />
yup 2000 can be modded but first check your mobo cause there's one psp 2000 mobo that cannot be fully hacked &quot;TA-088v3 motherboard&quot;. it can only be partially hacked together with the PSP 3000 using chikHen R2 and 5.03 GEN-C for TA-088v3 and PSP 3000.<br />
Will modding my psp make the web browser faster.<br />
&nbsp;how big is the risk installing chicken on a psp 3000<br /> <br />
lol, i broke my battery. If you are an&nbsp;amateur like me head to&nbsp;&nbsp;pandorasales.com. They have pandora&nbsp;battery's and magic memory sticks.&nbsp;
&nbsp;so i dont understand... i cant use it with my PSP 3000 or 3000? and when u boot it after installing, do you make it un-pandora and without holding L? Please help
I cannot open the program .. is there any other way to make pandora battery with softmod??

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