How to access your phone when you forgot your screen lock pattern.

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This is intended for a Myphone a618 or other devices with the same design. If you can't open your android phone because you've forgotten your unlock pattern or any screen lock, you can still open your phone. I know two(2) ways to unlock it if you COMPLETELY forgot how to unlock it. You can either use your google account or ,if nothing works, hard reset your device. I will show you both.

You can go back to where you bought your device or to a professional but that will cost money; the ones I'm showing you are free.
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Step 1: Use your google account

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If you don't have data connection or internet access or if you don't have your google account linked to your phone, then, you can skip this step.

At the bottom right part of the screen, you'll see "Forgot Pattern" button. Tap it and it will ask you to enter your email and password. After you entered those fields, tap "sign in" and you'll go to google play. There you'll see instructions. Just follow them and you'll be ok.

Step 2: Boot to Android System Recovery

Picture of Boot to Android System Recovery
If you don't have google account or data connection, this may be the only way but it will delete all information you have on your phone;eg. email accounts(if there are any), cache, installed apps(not built in), settings, and other info; but it will keep your music, pictures, videos, and other files. Hard reset will set your device to factory settings just like when you bought it.

You can start by powering off your device in any way you can.
Removing the sd is optional.(If you remove them, the apps you have on your sd card will still be there but it won't be installed so it wastes memory.)
Then turn it on while pressing volume down button.
Bow do I unlock samsung screenlock.
manass113 days ago

i have my google account but my tab is not accepting it and i dont have any volume button in my tab . pleezz help me !!!

shabi.lajqi20 days ago

i forgot my screen lock and i hav samsung galaxy ace plz help me :l

hi i need help please it says "a custom OS cause critical problems in your phone and installed applications. if you want download a custom OS press the volume up key otherwise press the volume down key to cancel"

volume up:continue

volume down:cancel (restart phone)

what do i do i need help

ephy.sean1 month ago

my phone get stuck with the exclamation mark,what can i do can anyone help me???

ephy.sean1 month ago

i get stuck when i try to do hard rest.can anyone help me???

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AbdulM11 month ago

i had some easy steps. Its help me to get rid of the situation. Have a look

spaplassery5 months ago
Too many pattern attempts? forgot google account password? Can't access your Android phone? Now you can unlock without getting lost your contact number
Kindly contact me

help me i forgot my pattern lock

how is that possible?

this is awsome steps bluid

this is awsome steps bluid

this is awsome steps bluid

gulshan7342 months ago
Subhan khan3 months ago
sombir19983 months ago

thank u very much it is easy.

maazik6 months ago
İ have try it...but this skill can't work on general mobile phone...why...??if there another step to open this phone..please tell us..
DEALER96 months ago

cant i unlock without gmail n hardreset

bilal18037 months ago

Once i forgot my pattern then this tutoial take me out of this trouble.