This progression of bodyweight exercises will show you how to gradually build up to the 'hanging dragon flag', a more achievable variation of the human flag, and a neat feat of strength.

In the process, you will also learn the 'dragon flag', an easier variation popularized by Bruce Lee.

It will help you develop a tight core and work the muscles in your stomach (the rectus abdominis and the obliques) through a series of isometric exercises.

Start a whichever point of the progression is relevant to you. Over time, add a few seconds (or a few reps in the case of the dragon flag) until you can reach the maximum number indicated, then move on to the next exercise. Perform these exercises 3 times a week.

If you find yourself not progressing any longer, take a few rest days, then resume training.

Note: because both the dragon flag and the hanging dragon flag place quite a lot of stress on your triceps, hip flexors, and a variety of other stabilizing muscles, it is recommended you train for these in conjonction with these 6 other bodyweight progressions, particularly the dips, push ups, handstand push ups, and abs and core progressions

Step 1: Kneeling Plank

(build up to 1 min) – performed on your knees, with thighs and spine in line.
<p>You left out scapular position and which part of the shoulder should be pushing against the pole. I've found retraction and depression to be best for regular dragon flags, but I have no idea what to do for this. Putting it on my trapezius or my scapula is painful, so I'm not sure where it's best to put my weight.</p>
Do you think this will give you a Six-Pack if you do it as recomended?
<p>Nah, will prolly give you eight pack.</p>
<p>Excellent! Great photos!</p>
This is great thanks
<strong>&nbsp;</strong><br> I was expecting to see a referrer link and a &quot;Sign up here for the rest of the course&quot; banner on the website . . . but no, there's a wealth of valuable information in the form of graduated exercise plans and dietary advice.&nbsp;<br> An excellent free fitness resource.<br>
There aren't even any ads on the website... I intend to keep it as a strictly free resource where I will keep these workouts together. I'll try to publish more on instructables when I have time, too.

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