Step 10: Dragon Flag

(3 sets of 1-8 reps) – lying flat on a bench, hold yourself in position with your hands around head height. Come up on your shoulders with a straight back, and lower yourself until your feet almost touch the bench, then return to starting position. Be careful to keep your weight on your shoulders, so as not to apply pressure on your neck and cervical vertebraes, and to keep your core tight.

This is the famous 'dragon flag', as popularized by Bruce Lee, and given its name because your body resembles a flag fluttering in the wind.

The dragon flag also places a lot of stress on your triceps and hip flexors. For this reason, it is recommended you train it in conjunction with these 6 other bodyweight progressions.
<p>You left out scapular position and which part of the shoulder should be pushing against the pole. I've found retraction and depression to be best for regular dragon flags, but I have no idea what to do for this. Putting it on my trapezius or my scapula is painful, so I'm not sure where it's best to put my weight.</p>
Do you think this will give you a Six-Pack if you do it as recomended?
<p>Nah, will prolly give you eight pack.</p>
<p>Excellent! Great photos!</p>
This is great thanks
<strong>&nbsp;</strong><br> I was expecting to see a referrer link and a &quot;Sign up here for the rest of the course&quot; banner on the website . . . but no, there's a wealth of valuable information in the form of graduated exercise plans and dietary advice.&nbsp;<br> An excellent free fitness resource.<br>
There aren't even any ads on the website... I intend to keep it as a strictly free resource where I will keep these workouts together. I'll try to publish more on instructables when I have time, too.

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