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Introduction: How to Add

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Most people now days know how to add and subtract but some people are there who are still learning how to do the basic mathematics. In this instructables i will guide you step by step to build your own skills in mathematics in form of addition. the instructables is in more of a diagram form and also described in brief in form of text. So Are you ready to learn addition? so here we go.

Burning Questions Round 6.5

First Prize in the
Burning Questions Round 6.5

Step 1: Basic Addition

So here we start . Please vote for me in the competition and help me win the calculator.

Step 2: Verticle Addition

Step 3: Bracket Addition

Step 4: Distributive Addition

Step 5: Tally Addition

Step 6: Exercise



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    Reminders? Don't you mean 'remainders'? Unless I'm wrong, which isn't impossible, since I'm freaking awful at mathematics. =)

    Yeah i know wanna do better and win that calculator...muhahaha

    I did this to make the best on this topic cause its the basics and its the building block of maths.

    How many of these mathematics instructables are we gonna have on here? Granted I know that the basis for an instructable is to instruct but these are getting almost as ridiculous as the kinex ones.

    2 replies

    There is a contest going on dealing with Math.

    Ahhh I see now. That's why there are a bunch of them on here now.....