How to Add Chroma Key (green Screen Effects) to a Movie for FREE 2





Introduction: How to Add Chroma Key (green Screen Effects) to a Movie for FREE 2

NOTE: The video above is at low quality, so I recommend you download the high quality video here. And if the link is broken, please report.

My previous tutorial showed how to use a free software called WAX to add chroma key (green screen effects) to your movie. WAX, however, had many problems. People we're complaining that this and that didn't work, something screwed up, etc.

So I looked for a better and free video editing software, and found T@B ZS4 (download it at the downloads section of the site). I was amazed at how great the program was. The input/output compatibility was large, it had several more features than WAX, and definable output quality.

But the best part is, it's got a higher quality Chroma Key plugin! And, also, a Key Smoother plugin to make your video look real professional in quality!

You don't need to be a computer nerd (... like me...) to use this program, just follow the video tutorial.



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    a good free chroma key software solution is FXHOME hitfilm express (not hitfilm pro witch is over 300$), its free safe and it has tons of great tools including chroma key.

    You wouldn't be asking how to illegally download it in a public space would you? THE thing is you'd have to be a PIRATE to do that and still keep the authorities at BAY.

    where is the download link to the software?

    The link to the high-quality version of the video doesn't appear to work.

    The link to the high quality video is broken. Nice instructable by the way!

    Can someone tell me what files this suports, cos my videos are not showing up on it.

    i downloaded this for my mac and its not good haha, it wont even load the video, dose anyone know of a good free greenscreen program for mac?

    Well... The problem is that they are all expensive. And they are expensive for a reason. If thay were given out for free, the companies would lose a lot of money, because of the developing cost.
    Let me put it this way: would you like to be ripped off of $900+?

    can you cut AROUND a picture for the part you want a person with a multi color background...can u make ALL the colors transparent? Please respon to this at my email...( becuz i hardly ever come on...tahnx in advance
    -Mii Master