How to Add Chroma Key (green Screen Effects) to a Movie for FREE!





Introduction: How to Add Chroma Key (green Screen Effects) to a Movie for FREE!

UPDATE NOTE: A new intructable that shows how to use a free, bigger and better program to add Green Screen effects to your movie has been made

Wanna make a movie like the pros? Using green screen editing? It's all free (besides the actual green screen itself) with this awsome program. Debug Mode's WAX is a video/picture/music editor. It has a drag and drop time line like in Windows Movie maker, so you can add pictures and music to your video.

I made this video with this awsome program. (Part's of the bluescreen still is shown because I did not have an even lighting)

This demonstrates how you can make an invisability cloak with chroma key. Just replace the bluescreen image with a picture of your video's background.

Thanks to laferty

Step 1: Download the Software

To dowload WAX version 2.0, click Here

Step 2: Start Your Movie!

Once all set up, open WAX up and add your video file. Your file may need to be converted to work with WAX so try this free Video converter here and if that converter gives you troubles, try using this.

Step 3: Set the Chroma Key

Add the Video file to the time line and then add another video/picture to the timeline. Now select the tab called Video Plugins. Click and drag "Chroma key" onto your main video in the timeline (on your video - not under it like background video/picture).

Step 4: Save Your Video!

Click the little green arrow to save your video.



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    I removed Green color from recorded video in ios as well as live camera capturing using opengl in ios. I spent 10 days to remove green screen from recorded video . Live camera green screen i referred and it really really helped me to remove green color from my mp4 and mov videos .

    any help mail me on

    This is by far one of the absolute WORST programs i have ever used in my life. Seriously, it sucks.

    when i try to render the video it gets up to 15% then has an err message any ideas?

     wheres the updated version?  and when i drag the video onto the timeline, it doesnt play on the preview window. any suggestions?

    Wax is getting pretty old now. Try something a tad more recent. or

    Thanks for this, I've used it to make a birthday video for my daughter!

     Hello, the program seems to be what I need however I cannot open any of my .avi files into it. It says "Unable to Open File"

    My green screen just isn't working for me, if I want to key out the background, I always get mostly keyed out too! I think it is because I can't get the lighting to work well, can some please help me?