How to Add Instructables to Firefox's Quick Search!


Introduction: How to Add Instructables to Firefox's Quick Search!

I decided I wanted to add Instructables to Firefox's Quick Search bar. Which I guess gives me the perfect opportunity to post my first Instructable.

I'm running Firefox v33.0 however I'm sure this will work with later releases, and possibly earlier releases.

NOTE: I've only tested this on Windows 7/8/10 & Ubuntu.

Step 1: Add Instructables to Quick Search

First: Go to

Second: Add Instructables to the quick search bar.

It's that easy to add it in.

Then all you have to do from there is...

Step 2: Start Using Instructables in Quick Search

It's that easy!


When you search on Instructables you'll go tot he search bar at the top and search something like, "free energy".

The url should look something like this...

But when using this Firefox search option you will get...

One thing I noticed is I got a lot of unrelated results of that in which I was searching with this search option; however it's still pretty handy, and I hope this has become a help for you.



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    4 Discussions

    Smart! I will try this

    Ha! Who knew? Handy to say the least! :)

    Thanks a lot! Seems even an old PC-Guru never learned all :D

    This is a very useful idea. Soon, the editors at HQ will be using this exclusively.

    Easy and definitely useful Instructable! Thanks for sharing! ~Sky Productions