Step 9: Final results

If all has gone well you will see the Steam community overlay in-game.

NOTE: Make sure that Firefox is not already open! Steam must be the program to initially spawn firefox. Otherwise, it will not work and it will only open a new tab in Firefox.


Did someone say.... <br> <br> <br>ZOMBIE PANIC: SOURCE?!?!?! <br> <br>That game is AWESOME! <br> <br>*Thumbs Up*
The instructions are misleading, you don't need to install Firefox. This will work with any web browser including the one built into Windows - Internet Explorer. So all you really need is Battlefield Heroes and Steam. You don't ever NEED to install Firefox.
You are only partially correct. BFHeroes will only work with IE and Firefox. No others. So yes, you could use IE if you don't like Firefox but that is your only other choice. BFHeroes requires the use of an ActiveX control which they later ported to run from Firefox as well.
Woo TF2 player!!!!!
It is similar, but this is Battlefield Heroes.
I was talking about on your steam games list. But no L4D or HL2?
Ah, I was using an alternate PC. I do have those games ;)

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