Introduction: How to Add a Hinge to My Replica of a Altoids Tin.

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Before you read this you will need to read my instructable on how to make a Altoids tin replica.
Heres the link.


My replica of an Altoids tin completed
Paper clip
Soldering kit

Step 1: Modifying

Picture of Modifying

First the paper clip and tin need to be "modified"
Use pliers to stretch out the paper clip.
The use scissors to cut of the side marked in the picture.
Also drill a hole where the little image note tell you.

Step 2: Making the Hinge

Picture of Making the Hinge

To put the hinge on, cut the paper clip a few millimeters more than the side you cut off.
The put it through the 2 holes you drilled.
Now solder on the lid tho the paper clip ends.



tlo coco (author)2013-11-22

The average hinge costs $1. The average tin material has to be bought at a certain size for $4. An Altoids tin with many delicious mints $3.

I used the prices I've seen at my local HomeDepot and Walgreens. This is a ridiculously dumb money waster.

It is pretty damn interesting though.

littlebastard (author)2009-07-15

or, you could buy some altoids

mg0930mg (author)littlebastard2009-07-25

No, why buy when you can make for less....

littlebastard (author)mg0930mg2009-09-17

99 cent store

mg0930mg (author)littlebastard2009-09-18

This is less than that.

insaynefreek (author)mg0930mg2009-11-17

but you get mints with it and you dont have to make it, the best part is that its REAL

mg0930mg (author)insaynefreek2009-11-17

Get over it.
This site is for making things. If he wants to make a replica of a tin, that is what he wants to do.....

littlebastard (author)2009-09-18

its also flimsier, and not painted, the edges aren't rolled like the ones on altoid tins, and im all for DIY but some things were done best the first time

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