Magnetic snaps are great closures for wallets, bags, pockets and much more. Here is a quick way (one of the many ways) to affix a magnetic snap to a sewing project.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

These are the basic tools and supplies that you will need:

-  a pair of small needle nose pliers
-  a harp knife
-  small pieces of "sew on" interfacing
-  a piece of heavy fabric (depending on the project, you could use a piece of plastic or cardboard)
-  a magnetic snap (the set comes with four pieces: two circles to help hold the magnets in place and two magnets)
-  your sewing project
This is a well researched and written post. Very practical and easy to understand. Thanks a lot for sharing.
thanks so much!
Some people might still not be aware of these and how simple they are. And you can't sew these in backward like a magnet. Good job!
I agree plus I do like the look of the snaps. Thanks for your comment!
Owesome; well explained and thought. Even a caveman like me got it right the first time with you clear instruction, wow! Please, share more great/useful ideas. Pitirreq.
hahaha! thanks! : )
very nice :)
thanks! : )
I was just wondering how to do this! Nice tutorial!
thanks! i hope that it helps with your projects.

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