I've always wanted a fender competition mustang, but I am years away from affording one.  However I do have my old epiphone les paul jr.  I decided I wanted to add a stripe that was cheap, could stay on, but would off easily if I didn't like it.  I decided that some kind of tape would be a logical solution.

What you need:
-electric tape, color of your choice.
-a ruler
-an exacto/pen knife

Step 1: Cutting the Tape

 Lay the electric tape sticky side down onto a cutting surface.  Then use your ruler to cut as many strips as you want.  I decided to use two stripes, one bigger then the other, so I just used one piece of tape.  If you want many stripes you can use more pieces.  When done peel the tape off.

Step 2: Applying

 This step is pretty self explanatory.  Lay one stripe at a time, parallel to each other.  You can place them anywhere on the guitar.  If you are placing the stripe in a position where it goes to the edge of the guitar, cover the entire side, and cut it at the desired length.

Step 3: And Your Done!

Thats it.  If you mess up or don't like it, it will peal off easily without leaving sticky residue.  
Any other suggestions.
I did this in 1978 on a folk guitar.&nbsp; The finish was chipped because my bro used it without a pick guard.&nbsp; I sanded and refinished it with whatever my dad had and then used exactly the same type of stripe only the opposite angle using tape and silver spray paint.<br /> <br /> Yours is cool, and removable too!<br /> <br /> <br />

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