I've done an instructional video with steps on how to add animations to your AO (animaton override) in Second Life. This can become complicated and I felt it might be easier if broken down into steps with a visual.

Step 1: Visit Http://www.nafii.com/Torrid/T_Override Help_1.mov

This video is in quicktime format.
the link no longer works.&nbsp; This &quot;instructable&quot; should be removed or updated.<br />
The point of instructables is to have information available on the site. This should be posted as a forum topic, as it gives no real instruction as to how to do anything.
can't see the .mov. Did you remove it?
copy the link in the title
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cant see the web site
Yeah--I really enjoyed Tor's tutorial on AOs. Some things are best communicated in motion. Otherwise, it's literally like watching a slideshow. Would be neat tho, if certain still frames could be synced to, e.g. "Go to Step 6" takes you to 44 seconds in or whatever.
After doing my little tutorial here I really wonder if doing a video is not actually faster ;-) Might even be better for explaining...

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