How to Add Audio or an Mp3 to Your Website, Blog, or Any Internet Page - Easily!





Introduction: How to Add Audio or an Mp3 to Your Website, Blog, or Any Internet Page - Easily!

I run a blog, and wanted to find something that worked like youtube, but for audio. I didn't want to mess with the audio uploading settings on my blog, I just wanted it to work easily. This is the easiest way I've found so far.

Step 1: Get Your Audio File

You'll either need

1) An existing audio file on your computer (mp3s work good)
2) A video online, you can link urls to grab the audio from
3) A microphone to record with

Step 2: Upload It and Edit the Settings

Create an account at

There will be a large orange "upload" button on the right side.
Once your file has been uploaded or imported, you can edit the details like name and description easily.

Step 3: Copy the Embed Code From the Uploaded File's Page Into Your Website.

Visit the site for the file you just uploaded. You can do this by clicking the "My Uploads" link or visiting your profile page, going to the "Edit Uploaded Sound Bites" and clicking "Go" next to the file's name.

Once you're on the audio file's page, click "Embed" and copy the code the webpage gives you.

Copy this anywhere you want, your blog, a forum, or website - and you now have a youtube-like player for audio files!

Enjoy :D



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